50%OFF Watercolor Bicycles and Flowers

By Eva-Katerina in Graphics / Illustrations $12

Please be sure to click on the previews and scroll down to see what’s included!

  • 5 bicycles of various colors (PSD, PNG)
  • 5 bicycles of various colors with baskets (PSD, PNG)
  • 9 floral baskets (PSD, PNG)
  • 23 floral elements –  DIY (PNG)
  • and more

50%OFF Watercolor Bicycles and Flowers Description

Romantic collection

On a little grey street in Prague, on a cold, cloudy day in late winter, I saw an old white bicycle standing near a small bicycle repair shop. It was a wonderful bicycle… It had an air of freshness reminiscent of a French province. It was as gentle as a bride at the alter, and it held within it someone’s dearest memories… On that little grey street, it brightened the skies, and inspired me to create these designs.

And I’m very happy to introduce to you this watercolor set!

Please be sure to click on the previews and scroll down to see what’s included!

What’s included:

  • 5 bicycles of various colors (PSD, PNG)
  • 5 bicycles of various colors with baskets (PSD, PNG)
  • 9 floral baskets (PSD, PNG)
  • 23 floral elements – flowers, bouquets, DIY (PNG)
  • 6 PSD-layered ready-made card templates + 11 backgrounds in high-resolution JPEG format, in case your photo editing software isn’t compatible with PSD file formats
  • 6 textures (JPEG + you will also receive 2 striped textures in transparent PNG format),
  • 2 types of watercolor splatters (6 PNG files)
  • BONUS (2 types of two wreaths + 2 butterfies in PSD and PNG format)

    Backgrounds and textures link included in a pdf-file

    All files are high-resolution (300 dpi). All elements are on separate isolated layers. Ready-made card templates are layered and available in both PSD and JPEG format (+5 additional plain backgrounds in JPEG format). Pre-made backgrounds are in a 5,25’’x7,25’’ and 4,25’’x6,25’’ format, but their real size is much larger, in case you would like to use them for other projects. They have bleed and could be printed on larger sheet and then cut down. Textures are high-resolution JPEG files (+2 PNG).

Software requirements:

To open and edit the PSD-files is required Adobe Photoshop CS1 or newer. The PNG transparent files can be opened with most photo editing software.

Complete License:

Use this set on personal or commercial projects. The Complete License doesn't limit the amount of sales per item. License also allow you to use each image in an unlimited number of personal projects. Please take a look at https://thehungryjpeg.com/complete-license/. If anything is not clear, please pop me a private message.

I hope my work put you in a good mood! Feel free to pop me a message!

Thank you,



Comments (5)
Comment on Product
Eva-Katerina commented 2 years ago
I have checked this with TheHungryJpeg's team, they have confirmed that the license doesn't limit the amount of sales per item. But each user can only use the graphic once for each particular product they create. If the user wishes to create more products using the same graphic then, they must purchase another license.
Thank you.
Nina B commented 2 years ago
Hello! This is such a beautiful bundle. I'm confused about your license. It says it includes the Complete License. But you mentioned that if I use the same graphic in a new project, I need to obtain a new license. Are you saying I can only use the bundle in ONE project? If I use it on more than one, I have to purchase a new license for each additional project? I thought Complete License means commercial license is included and multiple projects are allowed. Thank you.
Eva-Katerina commented 2 years ago
I mean commercial projects, not personal, which may be unlimited.
Eva-Katerina commented 2 years ago
You may create your design that you upload, for example, onto Zazzle or Society 6, where that same design may be purchased on various end products. Fonts, Add-Ons (actions, brushes, etc), and other installable items may be used across multiple projects but I sell graphics only.
Eva-Katerina commented 2 years ago

Thank you so much, so glad you like it and thanks for your question.
Oh, no, you can use the bundle in many projects.
For example, an pack containing 65 graphics could potentially be used in 65 projects if only one graphic is used per project. However, if you do not plan to create unlimited projects with one wreath (or bouquet), you are permitted to use create more than one (2-3 with each graphic, within a reasonable). You may employ various methods to create a different design.

I hope it helps! Feel free to send me a private message if you have any questions please.

Thank you,
Additional Information

License | Complete License
File Types | PSD, JPEG, PNG
Date Posted | 28th May 2016

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