Hawk & Hunter + Extras

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Hawk & Hunter is a new handcrafted font from Design Surplus. I wanted to create a font that had the quality of my favourite wild animals, a sort of stoic elegance that you find with say a stag or an arctic fox.

The trouble a lot of people find with hand drawn fonts is that they are limited to specific projects. So I was keen to keep Hawk & Hunter as clean and structured as I could without losing that naturalism that I love about hand drawn design. The lowercase letters are simple, on the straight and narrow whereas the uppercase set like to take a few twists and turns. There is a lot of room for you to get creative and customise the font according to your own stylistic preferences.


  • Hawk & Hunter Regular OTF
  • Hawk & Hunter Extras OTF
  • Hawk & Hunter and Extras PDF guide to what key's what

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Hawk & Hunter Extras
Hawk & Hunter