Rocoto Peppers

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12 images of different Rocoto peppers (Capsicum pubescens )

Rocoto Peppers Description

Rocoto peppers, PRO release

The images with respect to versatility, superb technical quality, details and attractive look.


  • Initially developed for packaging design, highly versatile;
  • Easy fits to both dark and light backgrounds;
  • Native 21 Mpx resolution for each object, 127 Mpx total;
  • Natural color, bright, direct sunlight appearance;
  • Infinite depth of field, high detailed;
  • Crisp, vivid, clean, fresh look.

Package contents

12 images of different Rocoto peppers, flowers, foliage (Capsicum pubescens ) into one big container.

  • TIFF — layered Photoshop image. 8-bit, sRGB, LZW compressed.
  • PNG — isolated image on transparent BG;
  • JPEG — quick-n-dirty solution for plain white. Clipping path included;

Look inside


PS layers

List of cultivars and links to additional assets

  • Amarillo (Canario);
  • Brown Rocoto;
  • Manzano Rojo (Red apple-shaped).

Feedback, quality issues

Much appreciated. Don't hesitate to comment on the product, write PM or email me:

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Additional Information

License | Complete License
File Types | JPEG, PNG, TIF
Date Posted | 20th February 2018

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