Brush Stamps for Procreate

By Ellamee Creative in Add Ons / Brushes $12

75 brush stamps to make creating designs in the Procreate App easy & fun!

Brush Stamps for Procreate Description

Looking for a way to give your lettering or promos some character and extra flair on Instagram, Etsy and in other social media?

Check out these brush stamps for Procreate!

Add them to the background of your lettering or as a frame, an accent and more for a unique and creative look.


This Volume 1 pack includes 75 brush stamps! You use these just like you would a stamp - with just one tap of your pen on the screen instead of a longer motion like you do for usual brushes. You can adjust the size, opacity, color and more to get endlessly different designs!


Included: - .zip file with 75 Procreate .brush files - PDF brush stamp guide

Requirements: - iPad Pro - Procreate App

An Apple pen is not required - your finger would work just as great for these too!


These brush stamps will only work inside the Procreate app and are not compatible with Photoshop or any other editing software.

Check out my other set of brush stamps to add even more possibilities for designing in the Procreate App: 


Quick Tip for installing & organizing your brush files: Before importing new brush files, create a new set of brushes in Procreate, name the set and then import into that set your new brushes/stamps!

If you want to install brushes in batches instead of individually: - On your Mac desktop or laptop, find the brush files you want to import and select them all - Right click and select Share and then Air Drop - When your iPad shows up in the options, select it and your brushes get magically imported to Procreate in a new brush set called Imported

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