Character Creator

By Alina Sh in Graphics / Illustrations $21 $17

P.S. 100% compatible with the "Boys Character Creator"!

Have a nice day!

Character Creator Description

It's Character Creator. That's what you need to make your character. Individual elements you can use for creating greeting cards, invitations, for your blog, print on t-shirts, wall art and more other. Make wedding invitation or greating card for your friends. Make your character that looks like you or your friends!

What do you get:

  • 4 Skin Tones
  • Over 20 Emotions 
  • Over 10 Hair Color
  • 6 Hairstyles
  • 4 Outfits
  • Over 15 Accessories
  • Tatoos, Freckles, Cheeks and more other


  • Curly Hairstyle
  • Tail Hairstyle
  • Lips (open, chubby, smile, sad)
  • Eyes (cute, big)
  • Coat
  • Denim jacket
  • Eyes (squint)
  • Chubby Lips

What formats of these products?

All files are stored in 2 formats: PSD and PNG (Each object is stored in an individual PNG file with transparent background)

P.S. 100% compatible with the "Boys Character Creator"!

Thank you for visiting my shop! Have a nice day!

Comments (19)
Comment on Product
Heidi C commented 29 days ago
Does this have full body view of characters and outfits? or is it just bust line and up?
Judee G commented 7 months ago
If you purchase this product and you 'update/add' something new to it, do we get the updated pieces or do we have to purchase the set again? Thank you for your answer :)
Judee G commented 7 months ago
awesome Alina ... ty for answering :)
Alina Sh commented 7 months ago
Hi! You can get the updated pieces for free
Sheryl C commented 7 months ago
Is there a special program I would have to have to use this creator?
Alina Sh commented 7 months ago
Hi! There are included photoshop and PNG files, PNG you can use in any program which supports this format (for example Paint or photo editor), also there are free online editors
commented 7 months ago
When you do an update, does a notice go out to those who made a purchase in the past so they can download it?
Alina Sh commented 7 months ago
Hello! I don't know( if you want I can write to you when the update will be released)
commented 7 months ago
OK, this is an unexpected request, but would you consider adding a cute bigger-sized girl to your choices? (I'd like to use this at my job, and it would be terrific if it could look a little more like 75-pound overweight me!)
Alina Sh commented 7 months ago
Hello! I'll think about it the next update!)
Additional Information

License | Complete License
Dimensions | 5000 x 5000
File Types | PSD, PNG
Date Posted | 7th June 2018

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