Branded pins + Pinterest guide

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60 branded pins (Include the link to Canva) + A 50 page (Beginners) guide to Pinterest routine for creatives. 

You’re busy making big things happen for your Creative store, and Pinterest is the place to be! Using Pinterest to market your business is a powerful way to share, sell and market your goods. Research shows that Pinterest inspires to take action.

A large number of entrepreneurs, bloggers and designers use Pinterest as a search engine platform to share their content. It’s a great way to boost traffic. This will certainly benefit your creative store.

Pinterest is all about visuals and images are most important on this platform. The design of your Pins is just as important as the quality of the content you are sharing because it’s the first thing that will grab the attention of your target audience.

If you want your content to get the love it deserves on Pinterest, you best design a Pin graphic that is optimized for that platform, on brand and relevant to the content you are sharing. Branded pins are instantly recognized with your personality and brand. Consistency is key


Ready to learn how to use Pinterest to grow your creative store, saves, followers, and drive traffic to your content?! Let's do this!

What’s included

  • 60 Customizable Canva Pinterest Templates - 600px x 900px
    • Create a cohesive look and feel design for Pinterest.
  • The Challenge Pinterest Guide - 50 pages Ebook PDF
    • This guide can get you started quickly and is full of Tools & Resources to help to build and maintaining routine on Pinterest. I’ve spent countless hours reading every blog post and recourses I could find. Now it is time to share the love and bringing together all the things I have learned about Pinterest.
  • 5 Bonus planners PDF
    • Organize and plan your Pinterest with these printable planners.


Canva invite - Follow instructions

I present every bundle made with easy folder structure, you can find the download link for Canva in the folder - Download +Tutorial Canva

  • Open the PDF

Once you click the link provided, you will see the invite from Canva. Here you can see that I shared my templates with you. Go to the button below and click USE TEMPLATE. That’s it!

The templates are ready to be edited. You can edit the fonts, background, colors and drag around elements.

  • Perfect for creative entrepreneurs, shopowners, Creative bloggers, fashion companies, and other small businesses.
  • Can be used in numbers of ways, to create your own personal style.

You will need a (free) Canva account. Tutorial to get familiar with Canva is included. These Canva links are a property of Creative Stash and may not be resold or shared. *Creative stash is not in any way related to Canva. I just use and love their program.


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Marina Gonzálvez  •  545 days ago
I have loved the designs but I can not edit them in Canva. I do not know what I can do wrong! I followed all the steps, making a copy ... but I can not edit the source, or change the images --- :(
Simone Obrie  •  545 days ago
Hi, thank you for picking up the branded pins. Normally you can change images or fonts-text, almost everything so I think the files are altered. I checked all the files and uploaded them here in HungryJPEG. If you can download the bundle again and start over making the copies it must work. If not please send me a private message so we can go problem hunting :-) Really hope this helps!!
angela bontempo  •  562 days ago
Thanks so much! I love designing but your templates have saved me so much time! Where do you get your images from that you used in the templates? I love them.
Simone Obrie  •  561 days ago
Thank you so much for taking the time and leaving such sweet and beautiful feedback! This means the world to me and is so motivating. The images are from On the Moon on Creative market. She makes the most gorgeous pictures like ever! Here you can find the bundles - Have a lovely evening!

Branded pins + Pinterest guide

By Creative_Stash in Templates / Social Media

$35 $28

Additional Information

:  Complete License, Single seat

  *Please contact us for multi-seat licensing