Frame & Wall Mockup Bundle - 7

By Yuri-U in Graphics / Mock Ups


Additional Information

:  Complete License, Single seat
*Please contact us for multi-seat licensing

:  4000 px x 4000 px


Frame & Wall Mockup Bundle - 7

This is my second product in this store in which I realized the opportunity to present the design in the corner scenes of the interior (3/4 camera rotation). Now in such interiors you will be able to independently place a frame or a composition of frames as well as wallpapers, stickers, prints, etc. 

If you  DO NOT HAVE ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, you can use online version Photoshop -


Perfect for Branding your creation or business.
Frame mockups good to use for shop owners, artists, creative people, bloggers, who want to advertise or show their latest design!

Only one easy step needed to use this mockup: just add or overlay your message, digital product, promo, headline, or use on your website, instagram, social media, printed marketing material or blog!


Please note

    - Make sure that your internet allows you to download large files

    - The product is intended for the user with a minimum knowledge of Photoshop!

    - Images  in the frames and on the walls used only for the presentation of the product. In the product are not present!



 - Well organised document
 - Format - PSD, JPG
 - Black, White and Wood separate frames
 - location of frames: On the wall, floor and table
 - Realistic Shadow on/off
 - Smart objects
 - Rulers to properly adjust the scale of the frames in the interior
 - Pack with separate frames, canvas, boards
 - 4000x3000px / 300Dpi / RGB
 - 3000x4000px / 300Dpi / RGB
 - 4000x4000px / 300Dpi / RGB
 - High quality
 - Easy to use

What you get?

 - 20 Photoshop Documents (.psd)
 - 20 Images with frames (.jpg)
 - 20 Images with wall (.jpg)
 - 8 Photoshop Documents - 110 Separate Frames (.psd)
 - 6 Help Documents - "How to use product" (.jpg)
 - 1 Watch the video - How to use the product (.txt)



  - White, black and wood  frames
  - location of frames - On the wall, floor and table
  - Smart objects
  - Passepartout for the frames
  - Shadow Inner frame
  - External drop shadow from the frame
  - Shadow for the stand frames

Formats frames:

  - 5x5
  - 5x7 / 7x5
  - 9x9
  - 8x10 / 10x8
  - 12x12
  - 12x16 / 16x12
  - 16x20 / 20x16
  - 20x20
  - 20x28 - 28x20
  - 24x36 - 36x24
  - A4
  - A3 

You only need to drag & drop a frame on the image and, if necessary, to increase or decrease the frame size.



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By purchasing this product you accept the conditions!

Thank you for seeing my product, I hope you’ve liked it and this product will be useful for you. If you like them, please recommend them, I will really appreciate this.

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Frame & Wall Mockup Bundle - 7

By Yuri-U in Graphics / Mock Ups


Additional Information

:  Complete License, Single seat

  *Please contact us for multi-seat licensing

:  4000 x 4000 px