Best Social Media Template Bundle

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These best social media templates bundle for Canva will help you showcase your business' professionalism with elegance and class. Every element is completely customizable to your brand's identity. Change the colors, images, and fonts with ease.

These social media templates bundle are designed for business owners, coaches, entrepreneurs, social media managers, or anyone wanting to seriously up their blog.

Our templates are specifically designed to boost your engagement, grow your audience and upgrade your social media presence

This template comes with a customizable feature so you can change the photos, text and elements to suit your business message. Maybe you would like to keep the text and just change the images, it is up to you!


The Bundle contains 42 Different Social Media Product

  • 12x Data Instagram Template
  • 12x Instagram Ready Template
  • 12x Rose Abstract Instagram Template
  • 10x Skyline Instagram Template
  • 12x Prime Instagram Story Templates
  • 10x Safe Travel Instagram Template
  • 10x Vanilla and Coffee Instagram Template
  • 15x Pink Ombre Instagram Template
  • 15x Another Fall Collection Instagram
  • 10x Winter is coming Instagram Post Template
  • 10x Bake the Pace Instagram Story Template
  • 20x Journey Instagram Travel Template
  • 47x 47 Engagement Booster Instagram Canva Template
  • 4x Efficient Instagram Link In Bio And Landing Page Template
  • 47x Business Chart & Infographics Instagram Template
  • 47x Engaging Tips Instagram Post Template
  • 53x Instagram Highlight Cover Template
  • 42x 42 Lead Magnet Instagram Post Template
  • 37x Instagram Caption Template
  • 26x Home Decor Instagram Post Template
  • 49x Engagement Booster Instagram Post Template
  • 47x Business Influencer Instagram Post Template
  • 8x Aesthetic Instagram Canva Template
  • 9x Best Instagram Canva Template For Influencer
  • 11x Minimal Instagram Post Template for Food Blogger
  • 6x Effective Instagram Link In Bio Template
  • 25x Hair Salon Instagram Template
  • 32x Seamless Instagram Carousel Template
  • 10x Peach Marble Pinterest Template
  • 10x Peach Ombre Pinterest Template
  • 15x Pink Foodies Pinterest Template
  • 10x Travel Blogger Pinterest Template
  • 10x Vintage Pinterest Template
  • 10x Yellow Marble Pinterest Template
  • 15x Vibrant Pinterest Video Pins Template
  • 20x Vintage X Fall Pinterest Template
  • 10x Pretty Nerds Video Pinterest Template
  • 10x Holiday shenanigans Video Pinterest Template
  • 20x Pretty and Vibrant Pinterest Template
  • 20x Perfect Mommy Blogger Pinterest Template
  • 32x Road Trip Travel Pinterest Canva Template
  • 9x Peachy Pinterest Templates For Bloggers
  • 7x Familiar Travel Blogger Pinterest Templates

How to make an order?

  1. Add this list to your cart by clicking "Add to Cart"
  2. Present your payment information and "Request"
  3. After you complete your request, you will see the connection for downloading the documents.
  4. Download the PDF guidelines
  5. Follow the instructions given in PDF

How does it work?

  • Make a free Canva account. 
  • Click on the download link provided at the end of this guide.
  • The link will redirect you to Canva
  • Click on the use template.
  • This will create a copy of the design and will be saved on your homepage.
  • Now you can edit your pictures and text as you want.

Use These For***

  • Imaginative Instagram photographs 
  • Quotes pictures for Instagram or Pinterest 
  • Imaginative Blog photographs 
  • Styling your Facebook pictures 
  • Sale Banners 
  • Store announcement


  • Completely editable Canva Instagram story posts 
  • Guidance instructional exercise included 
  • Text styles are free and included with Canva 
  • Add pictures, change text, colors, textual styles, shapes, and positions 
  • Easy-to-utilize simplified illustrations stage
  • Receive individual help from me


  • No information on Photoshop or other complicated programming is required. 
  • Save time by arranging out a long time of content ahead of time. 
  • Offer proficient-looking posts.



Please note that you are allowed to use the template for yourself but you must not give them away for free or resell them in any way.

Best Social Media Template Bundle

By SnapyBiz in Templates / Social Media

$74 $37

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Additional Information

:  Complete License, Single seat

  *Please contact us for multi-seat licensing

:  PDF