Fall Film-Look Photo Bundle

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With the Old Film-Look Fall Photo Bundle you have a beautiful backdrop for your vector graphics and handlettering, or a hero image for your web pages/social media and blogs. The film-look atmospheric photographs are a great contrast to overlaid sharp vector logos or lettering, and in addition, are hi-res enough for quality reproduction in print.

Fall Film-Look Photo Bundle Description

This photo set features high-quality images of Autumn. They were processed in Lightroom and Photoshop to create a beautiful old-school film look for your projects. Also, there are 16 identical images that have been processed as intensely coloured duotones, and yet another set of gentle pastel colour gradients. To top it all off, you have the original images to play with as you like. The idea here is to save time - you could do all of those duotones and gradients yourself and then some, but I hope you can use something straight off the bat from this set.

The hi-res photos are great backgrounds for your logo and hand-lettering projects, as well as hero images, montages, blog visuals, and are also suitable for any print projects you might have on. The film-look images leave the perfection of the DSLR behind for a bit and use graininess, light leaks and other downright dodgy stuff to add a gritty, real feeling to the work. The duotones and gradients are also excellent for use with overlaid text, and ready to go.

Shot on a Canon 5D Mark III. All images are 5760 px by 3840 px 300 dpi JPG format.

Please do let me know if you have any feedback on the images and how you've used them.

Good luck, and enjoy!

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License | Complete License
Dimensions | 5760 x 3840
File Types | JPEG
Date Posted | 27th December 2016

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