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Themelantic is proud to present NeatFolio — a stylish portfolio for your photographs, illustrations, or design work.

  • Choose a slideshow of featured work
  • Widgets for Instagram, Twitter, and Dribbble
  • An "About Me" sidebar box, with a contact link
  • A drop-down menu for featuring different tags
  • Customise colours, typography, and design details
  • Infinite scrolling, group blog support, and much more

A Featured Slideshow of Work

NeatFolio lets you choose up to four images that will rotate in a slideshow at the top of your portfolio. Choose your favourite photographs, illustrations, website designs, or anything else.

You can easily choose how long you'd like each image to display for, and the slideshow will look great on a desktop computer, or a mobile device. It's a great way to make a bold first impression!

Tell Your Story

NeatFolio has an "About Me" sidebar widget, with space for you to enter your own title and text. This is a great way to show a short profile of yourself (but you can use it however you see fit!)

There's also a "Send an Enquiry" or "Hire Me" button. It's completely customisable, and it's a good way to direct people to an email address, or a quick way to contact you. You'll never be short of work!

Instagram, Dribbble, and Twitter Widgets

NeatFolio can also pull in your work from other sources as well — your latest photos from Instagram, design work from Dribbble, or thoughts and links from Twitter. These show up just before your posts, front-and-center.

Social buttons let people follow your adventures on your various social media channels — we support dozens of different icons and networks (and we’re always adding more!)

Drop-Down Portfolio Categories

You can choose to add a drop-down menu to your portfolio navigation, with links to particular tags that you’d like to feature. It's a great way to organise your portfolio into different categories.

Just enter your chosen tags (separated by commas) in the Customise page, and these will show up in a nicely styled list in the sidebar.

It’s a great way to organise your portfolio, and make your website easy to navigate!

Customise Everything

You can change any and every aspect of NeatFolio to match your style and personal brand. Fonts and typography, colours, layout, backgrounds, the page border — you name it, you can customise it!

It looks great right out of the box, but it’s simple to put your own stamp on the design (and we’re here to help you every step of the way!)

Share Away

With one click, visitors can share your content across different social channels: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.

This is in addition to all the usual Tumblr features, allowing people to like and reblog your content. Don't let your incredible content go unnoticed!

Keyboard Navigation

A unique feature makes it easy for your readers to flick around your site, using only their keyboard.

H takes you home, R takes you to a random post, and the Left and Right arrows navigate between posts or pages. Discover a whole new way to browse your Tumblr site!

Complete Feature Listing

See the complete feature listing on the Themelantic website, as well as details of recent changes and additions to the theme:

Fantastic Support

We're here to help you set up your theme, and iron out any problems. Just head over to our site to file a support ticket, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours:

We're also here to answer any quick questions on Twitter:

NeatFolio Tumblr Theme

By Themelantic in Themes / Tumblr


Additional Information

:  Complete License