Chicken a la Caesar

By food of Maryna Voronova in Photos / Food $15

Sliced baked chicken breast with garnish  a la Caesar. 

Chicken a la Caesar Description

Sliced baked chicken breast with garnish  a la Caesar. 


Caesar; chicken; Parmesan; tomato; croutons; lettuce; capers; food; meat; fillets; appetizer; snack; luncheon; lunch; Elevenses; brunch; dinner; portion; healthy; garnish; nutritionally; place settings; sauce; gravy; piece; cut; slice; Side; dish; Side dish; dietetic; meal; diabetes; diced; dishes; macrobiotic; Nosh; eating; salad; organic; vegetable; seasoning; hearty lunch; lunch hour; dinner break; low-calorie; Morsel; brisket; Roasted; stir

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Date Posted | 10th September 2017

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