15% OFF. Watercolor Floral Collection

By Eva-Katerina in Graphics / Illustrations


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:  Complete License, Single seat
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Hello my dear friends!

I've created a new floral set for you and rest assured, it was made with all my love :) I hope you'll enjoy your new resources. When we love flowers, no matter if it's spring, summer, autumn or winter. These elements can be used any time of the year!

Flowers, floral arrangement, wreaths, DIY, textures, backgrounds.... 167 PNG and 37 JPEG files.


Due to large files size, after purchase you'll get only a part of the goods. The rest of the stuff should be downloaded separately. The PDF files with links are included.

If you have some problems please send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE. I'll do my best!!!

What’s included:

  • DIY (bird, vase, flowers, branches, leaves, stems, buds etc.) (94 PNG)
  • Bouquets with Watercolor backgrounds (3 PNG, 10 JPEGs)
  • Floral arrangements (8 PNG)
  • Floristic compositions-Bouquets (8 PNG)
  • Just Roses (7 PNG)
  • Bird on a tree variations (3 PNG)
  • Wreaths (8 PNG)
  • Flowers with wooden frames (10 PNG)
  • Non seamless patterns (7 PNG, 10 JPEGs)
  • Seamless patterns (7 PNG, 10 JPEGs)
  • Texture (6 PNG, 2 JPEGs)
  • Watercolor backgrounds (6 PNG, 5 JPEGs)

The PNG transparent files and JPEGs can be opened with most photo editing software.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send me a private message

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