Space Dreams Collection

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Everyone perceives the vastness of the outer space in their own way. We wanted to remember and embody in vector format that variety of emotions and the joy of discovery that accompanied the first wave of space research.

Space Dreams Collection Description

As a result, we've created a set of illustration with a fairy-tale and vintage touch to it, which fully reflects our childhood dreams of space. There is a place for unusual astronauts, distant stars and bright comets, various planets with a different landscape, and simply bright clusters in our collection.

Key elements of the collection:

  • 15 patterns
  • 8 ready-made illustrations
  • 7 original characters + 15 color variations
  • 24 backgrounds (including color variations)
  • 20 landscapes and landscape elements (including color variations)
  • 67 various space elements

Total of 156 items

Space Dreams Collection is suitable for both fans of ready-made solutions and for everyone who wants to have a good time and create their own completely unique illustrations. All the elements that make up the collection motivate you to compose your own kind and nice universe and fill it up only with the elements you like.

How it works.

If you are looking for a bright space-themed vector pattern—we've prepared 15 patterns. If you want to use a ready-made illustration on the space topic—we suggest you take advantage of one of the 8 excellent vector illustrations. If you want to assemble the image yourself, we have prepared more than 120 objects for you, thanks to which everyone can create their own outer space.

And now let's sum up and see what files exactly you'll get:

  • 15 vector patterns (15 AI files 800x800 px each, 15 EPS files 800x800 px each, 15 JPG files 3000x3000 px each, 15 PNG files 3000x3000 px each)
  • 8 ready-made vector illustrations (8 AI files 2053x2904 px each, 8 EPS files 2053x2904 px each, 8 JPG files 8556x12100 px each, 8 PNG files 8556x12100 px each)
  • 22 vector characters (1 AI file 6000x8500 px, 1 EPS file 6000x8500 px, 22 PNG files)
  • 24 vector backgrounds (1 AI file 13000x12000 px, 1 EPS file 13000x12000 px, 24 PNG files 8556x12100 px each)
  • 20 vector landscapes and landscape (1 AI file 4500x8100 px, 1 EPS file 4500x8100 px, 20 PNG files)
  • 67 various vector space elements (1 AI file 5000x6000 px, 1 EPS file 5000x6000 px, 67 PNG files)

That's 233 files in total.

Enjoy! If you have any questions or wishes, please write to us—


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Additional Information

License | Complete License
Vector | Yes
Dimensions | 3000 x 3000
File Types | AI, JPEG, PNG, EPS
Date Posted | 9th October 2017

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