Our latest freebie is here! Download now this fresh handmade font by Larin Type Co completely FREE of charge, this week only! A huge thank you to Larin Type Co for allowing us to share their brilliant product with you for free.

If you like this font, be sure to check his Flash Sale Friday here: The Larin Type Co. Font Collection. It comes with 12 fonts at a special price of $6!

Laura Álvarez  •  292 days ago
Awww!! I love this font and I missed it!! My laptop wasn't work and I couldn't download it in time!! Damn it!!
Marie-Christin Ladusch  •  302 days ago
Cant wait to try it out! Thanks
Trina Flynn  •  302 days ago
Thank you!
Dell Fagg  •  302 days ago
Thank you
Lee Knox  •  302 days ago
beautiful! Thank you
Lori Yost  •  302 days ago
Love it! Thank you so much! :)
Luvan Blignaut  •  303 days ago
Looks incredible
Nicole Marshall  •  303 days ago
Thank You!!
tina west  •  304 days ago
doodle AJ  •  304 days ago
Lovely! Thanks! Wish the font would include the letters ß, ü, ä and ö, though.

FREE Simple Game Font

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