Mothers Day is coming! So here's a FREE Huge Mothers Day Collection as our FREEBIE of the WEEK that is all about moms!

In this set you will find trendy pastel colors and graphics in a modern, abstract style. All items come in AI, EPS, PNG & JPEG formats!

This wonderful freebie is brought to you by Pati Paints! Only available for a week.

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Veselina Stoyanova  •  207 days ago
Lovely set, thank you!
Vanessa Marie  •  217 days ago
wow, how racist.
Sarah James  •  217 days ago
Yeah you're right, it is. Goes both ways. Imagine the complaints if they were all white.
Lisa D.  •  213 days ago
Are you kidding me? There are so few sets to honour people of colour. This one does and you think it is racist? I don't even have the words to express my feelings right now. In case you haven't noticed, the world is made up of way more than white people.
Veselina Stoyanova  •  207 days ago
People like you make me ashamed of my white skin.
Lisa D.  •  213 days ago
Such a pretty set with so many wonderful elements. Thanks so much for sharing it this week for free!
María Vicente   •  213 days ago
Bonita colección. Muchas gracias.
Rebecca Buchmeyer  •  216 days ago
So sweet. Thank you
Sandra Fuchss  •  217 days ago
Wow what an gift! Such an amazig bundle! Thank you.

Mothers Day Collection

By TheHungryJPEG in Graphics / Illustrations

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