Andrea Rozo  •  490 days ago
Im loving this one! I just wish i could use it fully. I cant seem to find the way to make those lines along the letters :(
Melissa Radford  •  109 days ago
I love this font too. Your comment is 381 days old so I'm not sure if you have figured it out yet. I'm on a PC, so I use my Character Map. Do a Google search for How to use swashes in fonts and you will get a slue of pages and videos explaining how to use them. Once you figure it out, its pretty simple. I get to mine by opening character map, selecting the font in the drop down list, leave the Character Set as Unicode, under Group by select Unicode Subrange, a pop up that says Group By should pop up next to your Character Map, then select Private Use Characters. This will bring up all the swashes and ligatures that font has. Click on the letter with the swash or ligature you want and drag or copy and paste it into the program you are using like Photoshop or Paint. Hope this helps.
Sebile Tikna  •  307 days ago
Penelope Fleury  •  309 days ago
Lovely!!! Thanks !
Bonnie Rose Hudson  •  356 days ago
Wonderful font, thank you!
Rose Castro  •  384 days ago
Love it! thanks
Pamela Pogue  •  402 days ago
Beautiful font! Thanks
Shelley Barrette  •  456 days ago
Thank you
Amanda Stephan  •  600 days ago
Thank you for the fun font, excited to try this out!
Sheila Feemster  •  623 days ago
Love it!!!
Irawan Agung Prasetyo  •  648 days ago
great contour

Free Font: Beautify Script

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Script


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