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Welcome fellow travelers, Everything started after a tragic event that happened in my life, I felt down for a long period of time and started to feel overwhelmed and I hesitated to pursue the thing that has been fascinating me from my childhood, designing and crafting things. After a while, I felt the need of offering something back and I realized that behind every piece of art there is an entire team working behind the scenes. The artist is praised a lot because of its art but no one mentions the people crafting his pencil, the people that transformed the fabric into his wonderful canvas. I strongly believe that those people play an important part in the art itself. So I've started creating tools for other designers, other crafty people, to help them achieve their goals faster. The sculptor doesn't have to worry about making his tools or wasting time to create his ladder, and neither do the crafty people around the TheHungryJPEG shop. So let me be useful with my digital tools and let's be successful together. Welcome to MintyMarshmallows!