Letras Latam Foundry was born in the year 2021 experimenting with brush pen typefaces, we have created some that are found on the web with commercial free-use versions, and we consider that it is time to start monetizing what we are passionate about. We are a small collective, founded by Nasser Araujo (nasartt), where some lyricists have joined such as Leonardo Díaz (lennart13) and Gio Pineda. (gioopineda04)

Our objective is to expand our typographic catalog, creating high-quality fonts and complying as far as possible with digital standards for this. We are in constant learning. For now, our catalog is small, we have between 4 and 5 free-use fonts, and now we have created a "font duo + extras" with which we want to launch as a foundry. We are working on sans serif, blackletters, serif, and display fonts, among other styles and types.

As services, we offer calligraphic work, personalized fonts, tattoos, posters, and web and graphic design.