Hello, I'm Kate. Thank you for taking the time to visit Digital Curio! I am a married mother of 2 living in Roseville, California. I am a self-taught Photoshopper, having fallen in love with Photoshop and Illustrator as soon as I discovered them. I do freelance work from time to time and feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon such a rewarding and fun pastime. I opened Digital Curio in 2014. My MO is eclectic; I love all styles and forms of digital art and have become a sort of jack-of-all-styles in my artistic endeavors. A good friend suggested I try opening a shop for my designs, which have mostly been a side hobby of mine for the past eight years. I never thought there could be a market for them, and I have been pleased and surprised at the support of the online community! I strive to offer the highest quality graphics for your creative needs, whether it be for personal or commercial projects. I take pride in my work and it is important those who are interested in my designs, and those I work with, feel they can connect with me on a personal level. I want to thank each and every customer from the bottom of my heart for your support.